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Transaction Automation

Enhance Capital Security and Efficiency

Fountain’s Transaction Builder engine enables customized transaction workflows creation that can be executed automatically based on onchain or off-chain data. From account rebalancing, automatic staking/restaking to complex trading strategies, Fountain empowers you to optimize your processes efficiently.

Schedule and Recurring

Automates transaction executions based on schedules or events.



Enables automated actions based on predefined conditions, enhancing workflow automation and enabling real-time responses to financial events.


Policy Center

Centralize Control and Ensure Compliance

Fountain integrates with custody solutions of your choice and enables you to enforce permission mechanisms that are tailored to on-chain actions. From establishing rules for address groups to limiting interactions to a specific functions of a smart contract, Fountain offers robust features to enforce policies effectively.

Allow List

Organizations can maintain a curated list of approved vendors and payment recipients, minimizing the risk of unauthorized transactions and ensuring compliance with procurement policies.

Allow List

Spending Limit

Administrators can set and enforce spending limits, empowering financial discipline while allowing necessary purchases within predefined constraints.

Spending Limit

Group Address

Facilitates the organization and management of addresses, particularly in large organizations with complex structures, streamlining communication, billing, and shipping processes.

Group Address All Type Group Address Internal Group Address External

Unleashing Web3's potential with non-custodial, smart contract-driven innovation.

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Fountain unlocks Web3's power with non-custodial, smart contract innovation. Experience freedom and security like never before.


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